Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I turned 40....it happened! Not that it was great day...nope, my life is nuts! For some insane reason my husband opens his mouth and says we should get a dog. Something was unleased in all of us....
I researched the breeds, settled on a Shih Tzu and found one within our budget. Of course, all the money in the world wouldn't have helped me....I still ended up with a needy dog. This dog has serious anxiety issues!

Then on the day of my birthday, he wakes me in a panic at 6am telling me that he has lost the dog!! He let her out without a leash and she was freaked out by him and bolted. He chased her all the way into town and he finally gave up when he thought he was going to have a heart attack!

I found myself running down the main road at 6:15am calling for my dog...freaking out because the kids would be so upset, the dog would totally have a mental breakdown and I felt like the biggest loser in town!

We searched for two full days...I almost caught her on Sunday morning at 7am...but she got away. I realized that only God would bring her home. I prayed for her to be delivered to my door. She was to traumatized to come to us and we hadn't exactly bonded...and guess what...late Sunday evening a man brought her home to us...to my door!

The only thing I got out of the whole horrible experience was a reminder of the incredible kindness of strangers. So many people tried to help us, drove around, called to express concern...it was really touching. Close friends helped search for her...but finally it was my prayers answered that brought her home.