Friday, January 05, 2007

Finding My Path

I am slowly switching things over...note to self...find the cd with my saved photos as I can't upload them until I do.

I had another blog that I had been using as a personal journal of sorts that i had no intention of sharing with friends or family. But, I was challenged to be more open by my good friend Shane so I have been switching over to this new blog. Some of the posts on here are out of order and or refers to some of my other journal entries that I haven't shared here. I still struggle to reveal my more personal thoughts and I'm not really sure that I want to.

I am working on the older house we moved into last November. Right now we just finished laying beautiful slate tile. It is beautiful because it has texture and you can feel the ridges of the stone...I like that! I just finished taking off wallpaper...sometimes two layers thick....I hate wallpaper! You can read more on that on my other blog which I started to keep both my husband and I motivated as renovations can be endless and you forget all that you accomplish.