Friday, December 26, 2008

Alphonsus O'Kane New Zealand

ALPHONSUS O'Kane went to New Zealand over 50 years ago with his friend Jimmy to make a life for himself.

He built a business out of blood, sweat and hard work. Alphonsus married a great woman and had four sons.

When the time was right Alphonsus became the farmer he was meant to be. He went down his own path in life, living by the creed, never one to back down and with Alphonsus there was no such word as can't.

He was a proud New Zealander in the country he chose to make his life, but if there is one thing you learn, being the son of an Irishman, you can never take the Irish out of an Irishman.

Our dad was born a Tyrone man and he died a Tyrone man.

Friday, December 05, 2008


at peace i stand
feeling the wind
dry my tears

images flash
before my eyes
limp languid loss

my gaze looks outwards
silently i moan
i need more
my soul searches, yearning but never fulfilled.