Saturday, August 12, 2006


This was an amazing day we spent at Melmerby Beach in New Glasgow, NS. That day the waves were huge..often as high as the older kids shoulders. They were not allowed into the water beyond the depth of their knees as the waves

were so high and the current strong. The water was warm but the wind was so strong that the kids were cold everytime they came out of the water for to long.

Before my sister had arrived to meet me at the beach, I walked down the beach with Ella so that she could chase the sea gulls. I had left Sam and his cousin behind and warned them not to go near the water.

I suddenly had a weird feeling and went back to them because I realized that I was really foolish to leave these two crazy kids alone with the waves so tempting. I was glad to see they never budged from their spots on the beach...but the very next day, a mother drowned trying to save her son who was pulled out with the undercurrent from the high waves....

It stays with me...that in an instant, a moment of joy and sheer fun can turn dangerous with a blink of an eye.