Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Faith has nothing to do with feelings or with impressions, with improbabilities or with outward experiences. If we desire to couple such things, then we are no longer resting on the Word of God, because faith needs nothing of the kind. Faith rests on the naked Word of God. When we take Him at His word, the heart is at peace." George Muller

Monday, August 15, 2011

25 Years

I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my husband by going away together without our kids for six days!!!  I felt quite melancholy about the whole thing.  We married way to young at age 20, not knowing who we were to become and from that we've done a lot of growing together, not always gracefully, often we felt like two ships headed in different directions but we are anchored to one another and I know that won't change.

We created four amazing children together after being told it would never happen.  We worked side by side to build two houses together with our own hands which was quite a definining experience and we have ploughed through some mighty tough times that have broken other marriages.

We have done our best to love and honour one another and our vows.  I know I can count on my husband to have my back.  Even though we are so different in so many ways, we support one another.  He knows me better than anyone, knows my sorrows, my joys, my fears and my deepest desires of the heart. 

From being away this week together...alone, I realized that we'll never be the uber cool, madly in love couple as seen on tv or blog land, we bicker, we correct one another way to much, we point out mistakes in one another yet, we both have a deep love & respect for each other and all that we have poured into our marriage and our family....he is my husband and I love him deeply.