Wednesday, May 14, 2008


There is so much suffering going on in the world right now. From earthquakes in China, to cyclones in Burma, a growing food shortage that is affecting people in over 28 countries, wars, floods, Darfur, etc... What is the average person to do? I could blog about it, encourage you to give to the Red Cross or World Vision two charities I support...but in reality, talk is cheap and being a laptop do-gooder costs me nothing and makes it look like I'm actually doing something.

For those who actually work on the front lines...your in my thoughts and prayers...your really making a difference! At this time in my life, all I can offer you is my money and prayers. I'm not sure where the church is in times like this. The only message I hear from the church is disagreement on who has the "right" theology, who is cooler, hipper and more cutting edge, hippy~esque, too judgemental, not judgemental enough! Turn on the tv or blog-land and so called do gooders have their hands out wanting you to support their efforts via money to maintain their image of doing something when I truly question that they do anything!

I'm definitely dis-illusioned.

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