Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have deliberately chosen in this past year to wrap myself in a cocoon, to muffle myself from the outside world. During this time, I have discovered that people who say their your friend...aren't and that those say you are their friends...really are!

I appreciate my family, my friendships that have stood the test of time. I acknowledge that I have neglected my friends who have deserved my time and attention when others haven't. I have been dazzled by words spoken that weren't true...that hurt, but I hope I've learned to hold back and wait...let the words line up with actions.

My true friends aren't all glam and sizzle, in fact, they are worker bees, working hard for their families, sacrificing themselves for their loved ones and others. They put themselves last in their desire to serve others. Yet, expect no applause, no appreciation, they see the work that needs done and just do it. They walk the walk with minimal talk...

We can't all be Bono or Nelson Mandela...but we can be within the community we find ourselves...tonight, I was reminded by that.

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