Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Purpose of Apologetics

This is a quote used on another blog in regards to the subject of apologetics. It's a great article and I found myself nodding in agreement. You can click on the title and it will link you to the article.

“How many hours in a day ought a man to give to [becoming acquainted with all the phases of modern doubt]? Twenty-five out of the twenty-four would hardly be sufficient…Am I to spend my time in going about to knock his cardhouses over?

“Not I! I have something else to do; and so has every Christian minister. He has real doubts to deal with, which vex true hearts; he has anxieties to relieve in converted souls, and in minds that are pining after the truth and the right; he has these to meet, without everlastingly tilting at windmills, and running all over the country to put down every scarecrow which learned simpletons may set up.”

- The Weaned Child, sermon by CH Spurgeon

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