Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some favourite photos....Just thought I'd add in some photos of those I love and adore!

my ever sarcastic, speaks his mind, whether you wanted his advice or not, husband!

This was our first night meeting Alli & Shane.  That day will always be precious to my family.

Alli & Shane

My beautiful sister, mum & ella as a wee baby!

My youngest brother Boyd with ella as a baby.

Connor, Meaghan, Jack, Sam & Ben

my dad in his old red ford truck!

Ella looking so beautiful in her little coat from Sweden (thanks Linda) wearing her pretty fairisle hat.

My kids looking so young...

Ella wearing her cloth diapers...she was sooo cuddly!

Here she is crawling around in her big cloth diapered bum!

Ben & Sam at the company picnic a few years ago.

Sam looking sooo cute waiting around to play baseball.

Our new kitty Callum.

Jack & ella drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

Jack may years ago now brushing his teeth.

Martha's Birthday

Ella with tea in her cheeks

Sharon's 50th

Ben out witting Shane!

Alli's Birthday!

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