Sunday, July 03, 2011

Homeless Campers

We're on our first camping trip in Maine.  We noticed the other night three young people setting up late, they had two tents, some basic supplies but nothing extra.  Their camping spot was dark, they have no cooler and we drove by them today walking into town.

My son Jack noticed also how little they had.  Tonight is our last night here and we were going to have a fire.  Instead he asked if he could give them our firewood which he then took over to them.  I was touched by his concern for them and I went over and struck up a conversation.  I offered them my white twinkle lights so that they could see at night. I had wanted to give them the lights last night buy my husband said I was nuts!   Unfortunately, they don't have electric on their site so they are of no use.  I learned they have nothing much left to eat and they are homeless, hoping to get into somewhere in the next couple of weeks.  They have paid up for the next week but don't really know where they will get food from.

We will be helping them more in the morning, but it just makes me feel incredibly sad and no, the contrast in camping situations isn't lost on any of us tonight.

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