Friday, October 06, 2006

Saw a Bear in my Yard

I can't believe it....we had a bear in our big deal to many but I have a deep fear of bears and have had it since I came to Canada when during my first year here I saw the movie Grizzly and from there always nurtured this fear of being eaten by a bear!

My neighbour called to tell me that a black bear was in her driveway and had taken off going in the direction where my youngest son was playing. I took off up the street in my car and got Jack to throw his bike into the back of the car and we went home.

Jack tells me when we get inside that he heard snorts...I didn't believe him until I see the bear in our front yard meters from our entrance. Our property is wooded but we are in the middle of suburbia! We get deer wandering into eat apples of the apple tree. But, this totally unnerves I can only hope to get a photo of him before they trap the bear and remove him from this area....I wonder why he wandered in so far?

The funny thing is...Shane & Alli also had a couple of bear scares during their trip to Nova Scotia and they have photos of bear prints on their van windows.

We won't be taking Maggie the dog for walk tonight or tomorrow until I know the bear is gone....

update...well couple more sightings in the area and he never was caught...I was nervous when I was out planting my garlic waiting for a bear to come crashing out of the woods!

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