Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The other night I was surfing around because I realized that I might like to do a memorial page for my friend Michele who died this year. I wanted there to be a memorial page for her on the internet so that any of her old friends could visit her page and acknowledge her life and death which was never done properly.

I quickly found a site that is beautifully done. However, I immediately noticed a memorial for a soldier and I felt compelled to click on it knowing it would be painful to read...it took me to his memorial page where his sister had written a song for her brother who died in Iraq. You should take the time to listen to the song...her voice reminds me of Pink and it is beautifully done.

There was so many condolensces and the sorrow was jumping off the page. It mentioned that he had a myspace site so I decided to check it out. Once there, it suddenly dawned on my that this soldier had died this past week. The comments where filled with shock and the whole time I am sitting there I am watching a picture trail of this man's life...

I noticed that one of the messages that had just minutes before been written was from one of his commanding officers who had been with him on his last tour...he had just surfed in and learned about his death. I contacted him to redirect him to the family memorial page because he did not know how to contact the family....weird and sad.

I feel such anguish over these wars and the horrific loss of life both from our soldiers and the innocent people caught in the cross-fire. Seeing his photos and seeing how full of life he obviously was...it just makes me feel so angry and helpless all at the same time.

What did he die for....I think that many people are afraid to admit that we are over there for nothing...that people are being slaughtered on a daily basis for nothing! If we admit to ourselves this reality then each loss of life becomes that much more unbearable for those immediately affected and the rest of us who feel helpless to do anything.

I pray...but often I don't even know what to say other than God help us, for we know not what we do.

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