Monday, July 16, 2007

Another crazy morning...sorta

Somehow, I always find myself rushing...I'm constantly wondering how do I slow down...I'll probably hate it when my life finally does slow down, so that keeps me grounded! However, yesterday I woke up a bit late....just before 8am and had to wake Ben as we had to head to the beach as he was to start his life guard lessons.

Ben can not eat when he first wakes, so I tell him, "no problem we will get you a muffin at Tims!" As I drive up to Tim's, I see the line snaking around the in a moment of brilliance I suggest we zip down to McPhee's Bakery to buy some muffins or a nice cinnamon bun. I run inside and lo and muffins, no buns, no nothing...only bread!!! Back out I go...

So, we head to the next Tim's with the double drive thru lanes....I note that one line is long but the second line had only one car...yeah...I zip into it and as usual, begin my long wait....I am the person who always, always picks the wrong line! When I finally get to the window, I'm feeling my pressure build as we are now definitely going to be late...but we grab the muffin and go....naturally, only to get behind one of the world's slowest drivers! Which was a good thing, because at this point I notice my gas light is on and it is below the last line on the guage....I tell Ben not to worry...we will make it to the beach! I then had the forsight to look at my cell phone and sure was down to one bar and near death...I quickly plug it in...just in case I have to wake up Andy at home who is finally getting to have a sleep in after working 14 hour shifts for the last 6 days.

Finally we make it to beach....but people, its all locked up....I'm beginning to panic because I think to myself...where did I go wrong? I don't have the best memory...but I was sure it was at this beach, at this I called the town office to inquire about the lessons, which thankfully they answered before my phone died. They tell me that it had been cancelled on Friday and woops...we forgot to call you!!!! I was so frustrated at this point...feeling teary...but no way....I still have to make it to the gas station because I wasn't even sure I had enough gas to make it that far! No time for tears, we were on a mission!

So, all the way back to town, driving slowly and coasting down the hills, Ben tells me all about friction and some other heavy duty science/physics stuff that makes my brain curl....but in my mind I'm thinking how wonderful this is, listening to him and seeing him so animated about this subject. We discussed how we might still manage for him to take his life guard program in town. He immediately said not to worry...driving to Saint John everyday is expensive and time consuming...he was just so darn thoughtful! When we got to the gas station...and yes, I coasted on by the local Irving taking the chance I would make it to the next gas station...Ben then filled the van, paid and we were on our way back home!

So, I came back home, and made bacon, homemade pancakes and eggs for everyone. Then I headed to the park with Ella and her two little cousins and ended up visiting two parks and stopping at the beach to have a swim in our clothes because it was so hot! We ate hotdogs and headed home to get changed!

So what is my point...none really except it reminded me of how great my kids precious this time is with them...I see the hints of the men they are to become and I feel good! They are so different from one another and so much between the bickering! I was touched this week when I finally had to tell them why I was such a basket case waiting to go to the doctor for test results....they each pitched in to help, showing their love and concern in ways unique to them! When I came home, my kitchen was spotless, kitty litter cleaned...thanks Sam! Ella, was cared for, played with, taken outside to the swing set and bedroom tidied...thanks Ben & Jack!

I'm so proud of each of my children, they are my life! I don't mean that in the way that without them I am nothing...or that they define who I am, but they are my focus! I look forward to seeing them grow into adults....having a beer with them, hanging out, whatever unfolds.


restyled home said...

I love your boys and Ella as though they were my own. But of course you know that. I look at them or talk to them and feel the same motherly pride that I feel with my boys and Sophie. We are lucky to be their mums, and you are doing an incredible job!! You should be very proud of and Andy are great parents.


chriskauf said...

That was a beautiful post Wendy.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate your comments!