Monday, November 05, 2007

Taking religion seriously...

I just found the funniest blog which takes a tongue in cheek poke at all things religious! The blog is called Purgatorio and even though the owner is on hiatus....there is lots to read and laugh about. I'm not taking sides...I'm enjoying the silliness of it all and the reminder that both sides need to step back and lighten up!

Here is one post that pokes fun at the emergent/emerging movement...You Might Be Emerging If...I laughed so hard (except for his mention of Bono) that I had to share!



Andrew said...

I definetely know a few of these! Funny stuff. Throw in a trendy coffee shop to boot!

restyled home said...

Too funny...I like one reader's comment, "And they say they can't be pigeon-holed..." !!