Sunday, July 13, 2008

Navel Gazing...

Marc Chagall
Does there ever come a time when we stop over analyzing the church? Can it not just be an entity that exists as a vechicle for us to come together under a common belief in Jesus Christ?  A place to grow in our faith and actually follow some Biblical commands such as helping the poor and being part of the community in a way that serves those less fortunate.  I am so fed up with the hypocrisy and double standards the jockeying for favour, coolness, and how hip we are...could we please move beyond highschool and aim towards substance?

If the church doesn't hurry up and figure out who it can it expect to have any relevance in this day and age of fleeting fads and traditions. I believe there is a huge mass of people searching for depth and this to much to hope and pray for?

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