Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer and the living is easy...

It has been sooo long since I have written on here...doesn't seem much point lately and I feel the weight of keeping silent, yet I take comfort in trusting that all things lead to their own resolution.

Summer is here...finally! Though at times, only peeking its head in the door! We are doing our yearly routine of swim lessons at the beach, bbq's and bonfires with family and friends and quiet get togethers with close friends. Many of my friends have been in my life for soo many years that at times I have taken them for granted...allowing my busy days as an excuse to not get together or return phone calls.

Somehow, one would arrive with a coffee exactly on the day when I needed a friend most or simply a quick hello or another drives all the way out from the city to give me a small calender to help me keep track of all my appointments.

I find myself thinking about friendships lost...some thru death others thru rash decisions of my youth and others thru disappointments and betrayal. With that, it makes me appreciate the friends that I do have. Friends who have been there for me throughout the years...through good times and bad...who have my back...they are rare and to be cherished.

I will always ache and grieve the friendships lost...each friend touches your life in such a special way...good and bad. I feel badly for those I have hurt in the past and I hope that it makes me a better friend today to those who count me as their friend.

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