Monday, October 17, 2011

I love this image and its message.  I see it in often people in need fade into the surroundings, we walk by them unseen.  We sit beside them in churches, walk by them sleeping on park benches or pushing strollers in the street.  We avert our eyes or turn our heads when our conscience tells us that someone is in need.

If someone is bold enough to ask for money we'll throw in a toonie and call it a day!  We can pat ourselves on the back and say to ourselves aren't we kind, non-judgemental.  Or, we'll donate our cans to the food bank during Christmas parades or public events and the food bank will have to be diligent to make sure the food isn't out of date and expired.

We'll vote during elections, yet rarely ask our candidates about low income housing, social benefits, or laws that protect children from sexual predators & abusers.

We bemoan kids roaming the streets or pity the homeless teen but rarely step out of our comfortable homes and routines to offer a hand to the organizations that struggle to stay open to help these kids.  If you can't give your time then give them your money.  When was the last time you wrote your local/provincial/federal politician to say you want change?  You want more low income housing, you want empty buildings donated to great charities that help people, you want programs in place to allow low income teens to have tutors and opportuities to continue their education beyond highschool...tell them!

Yet, I believe in change, I believe in the incredible goodness of mankind.  I believe in the people around me. We often feel stuck not knowing where to start or how to help.  We feel that one can of soup that we could donate won't make a difference.  Yet, if everyone realized that every small step forward on the path to change does cause a ripple effect.  You might be the person that starts by donating a can of soup only to later open a soup kitchen and feed the multitudes.  You might be that teacher or nurse or neighbour who sees someone hurting and reach out to them and make a difference.  You might be the letter that reaches the right politician that inspires them to take up a cause!

Believe in change!

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