Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Real Work of Christmas - Love

December was insane for me...all the voluteer work that I have been involved in this past year along with a new job, backed up into Christmas in the most insane way. I spent many a days fighting off anxiety attacks, but thankfully it all worked out, I fulfilled all my responsibilities and I hope made a small difference in people's Christmas.

More so than ever, today feels new. Church was good today, I felt like we moved our walls to make room for more people. I really hope that in 2012 I can continue on in where God is taking me, that I can keep His plans front and center and ignore the stuff around me that can tear me down. This little poem from the blog Celtic Treasure says it all....

When the last present has been opened
and the last mouth fed.
When weariness lays like a blanket over all mankind -
The real work of Christmas begins:

To seek the lost
To support the lonely
To feed the starving
To shelter the homeless
To console the broken
To love the unlovely
To pray for peace

(c) Liz Babbs

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