Saturday, March 24, 2007

March is Birthday Month....

This past month there has been four birthdays of significance plus one more at the end of March. Ella turned four on the 16th and we had a wonderful time having a tea party with her cousin Sarah and good friend Kathleen. While they are having their tea party I have a lunch for the adults.

I made a decision with ella to keep her guest list to 2-3 friends as birthday parties have a way of growing into this huge older three have had some amazing parties that have left me frazzled and broke. Nothing extreme, but once you add in goodie bags, food, prizes, and at times public venues it gets very expensive.

It all started years ago when Ben was in playschool of all things! All those cute little was fun and you didn't want to leave anyone out to avoid hurting feelings. But, the problem is that the following year they are looking for the same thing. Both Andy and I are suckers when it comes to the kids. He'd rather work over-time to pay for it than disappoint them.

Thankfully, with experience comes wisdom...or laziness...who knows for sure...but I knew that with ella, there was no way I was making the same mistake again. So, each birthday we enjoy a stress free birthday party with lovely little cakes, juice served in little plastic wine glasses and an assortment of treats. The girls dress up in their prettiest princess dresses....and have fun eating and then playing with their dolls.

For the adults, I always enjoy making a nice healthy but delicious lunch...usually tying in St. Patrick's Day. I served turkey stew with dumplings, whole grain brown bread, an apple torte and coffee & tea...all home made and inexpensive to make.

Sam's 13th birthday was on the 22nd and it was low key. However, next Friday we are taking his friends out for pizza and pop at Pizza Delight. No big deal and it shouldn't be to expensive and hopefully he will enjoy hanging out in a restaurant with his friends.

Tonight I am having my very best friends Heidi & Jon over for dinner. It was delayed from last weekend because Andy had to work. But, Jon just turned 40 and he is like a brother to me. I enjoy making my roast beef dinner with garlic mashed potatoes and yorkshire puddings for him. I have an almond torte in the oven and that will be his birthday cake! I get to look forward to splurging on a yummy meal with some nice red wine and hanging out with good friends!


Heidi said...

Hey, I just wanted to say the we LOVED our time at your place the other night!!! We never ever run out of stuff to talk about and I enjoy our passionate conversations. I so appreciate that you did all that work to prepare, because we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Like Jon said, it's humbling when your friends feed you.

awp1965 said...

I enjoyed your visit to Heidi. It's fun when it's at my house because that means I can indulge in all my favorite beers.