Friday, March 16, 2007

My Beautiful Sister

I have the most amazing sister...I love her so much and miss her most days...unless she gets on my nerves which we sometimes will do. She was here for March Break and we had lots of fun even though it is for the most part extremely busy as we are referring seven kids and two of them can sometimes equal nine!

She is someone I admire as she is a strong woman yet so devoted to her family. She loves her family and home and really puts a lot of effort into creating a happy home. This past year while building a new home, she went away to learn all about home staging and has successfully opened her own business. She has written articles for her local newspaper and learned how to design her own website and manouver the legalities of opening a new business. She was stretched pretty thin, but she pulled it off and did it with such grace.

She also inspired her husband Paul to take a course in Toronto on home inspections. This was a perfect fit for him as he is another amazing person that I love and admire! During a very rough time at his work when he wasn't sure if his job would still be available, he invested in himself and took the course and did amazingly well! Paul & Linda have built five houses themselves and renovated and flipped two others! He is a forestry engineer by day and a Mike Holmes by night & weekends! So, it was a natural fit that he should become the first home inspector for their area in NS. He is doing really well working nights and weekends developing his new business!

Linda and I have been through some tough times together and I always know that with her...warts and all, she will be there when no one else will be. I love her kids the way I love my own and I love how our kids are all so close and happy to be together!

Having a sister is truly a blessing and I miss her almost every day!


Heidi said...

Oh I had no idea you had a couple new posts!! Yay!

That sounds very exciting for your sis and her hubby. I like stories like this, where people are forging new paths for it!

Yay for them!

(keep the new posts coming when you can!)

Sarah said...

I have two sisters and my life would be colorless without them. I am glad you are proud of your sister. I am sure she feels the same about you. Good luck and blessings to her and her husband!

Anonymous said...

Boy, I sound really great. I had no idea!!!! Well, I am just floored that you would take time out of your hectic day to write about ME!! You are the best sister and friend in the whole world and you bless the life of everyone you know. P.S. you really shouldn't put Reese Witherspoons picture in the place of mine. No one would mind seeing me and my warts!! Haha

Linda...sister extraordinaire..