Friday, May 18, 2007

Nasty Nestle

I have always breastfed each of my kids and used child led weaning as my guide. I have done my share of things to support breastfeeding within our community and online. One of those things is being involved with the boycott of Nestle and suporting the efforts of Infact Canada because I believe so strongly in breastfeeding. I realize that not everyone chooses to breastfeed but for many, they aren't given a chance because of the huge companies such as Nestle which uses unethical marketing practices to impede breastfeeding.

The worst part, Nestle does this not only here but also in third world countries where clean water and money is hard to come mothers who could have... should have.... breast fed, cannot... simply because they are told that canned milk is better, breast milk. They are given free samples and once the free samples run out and the mothers breast milk has dried up, mothers are forced to use dirty water and forumula that is watered down because of the expense or simply because they can not read the directions on the can.

Adding to that, is the practice of dumping inferior formula which may have been recalled here....that is used in poorer countries and in turn, babies die each and every day because of this! I find this cold and disheartening that such a huge, rich company can get away with this.

There are many efforts to stop can write letters, you can stop purchasing their products, you can voice your displeasure at the Nestle displays of formulas in your doctors office, the posters in hospitals and if your hospital is still so far behind as to offer the bag of freebies with free formula, decline it and write a note sharing your displeasure with this practice.
If you would like more information then check out the following email I received from Infact Canada to get a better understanding of the severity of this problem.

May 18, 2007

CBC investigates Nestle malpractice

CBC Radio's The Current recently aired an excellent program on Nestle and the infant formula issue. Host Anna Maria Tremonti speaks to a representative of Save the Children UK, which has just released a report documenting serious violations of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes by the major formula companies. She also speaks to an American sociologist who elaborates on how North American culture has discouraged the natural process of breastfeeding.

To hear the program, click here.

Formula for Disaster: Infant feeding in the Philippines

As reported in the most recent edition of INFACT Canada's newsletter, infant health advocates in the Philippines are fighting a major legal battle to implement strong pro-breastfeeding laws, in the face of opposition from American formula companies. UNICEF Philippines has just released a video revealing the catastrophic effect that formula promotion has had on infant health in that country. Only 16% of infants in the Philippines are exclusively breastfed, despite the huge financial toll formula takes on an impoverished family, and the risks that formula poses to young children.

To view the video, click here.

Another great magazine that really encourages breastfeeding and a more simpler lifestyle is Compleat Mother....which profoundly affirmed my instincts as a mother.

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Linda M. said...

You know I share your passion for breastfeeding. I get livid when I see promotions for formula feeding in hospitals. I'm not saying every mother has to nurse, but strong support has to be there for these new mums who are on the fence or don't have supportive women in their lives. I remember overhearing a fellow nurse ( when I was still working as one) tell a new mum whose milk had not yet come in, "But he needs the calories!!" This child was less than 24 hrs old and getting frequent meals of colustrum! I didn't take long setting her straight and doing my best to erase the damage she had done to this poor mother's confidence. This crusade is ongoing, unfortunately!!