Friday, May 04, 2007

The Simplicity of the Gospel

You know, there are many valid reasons why a person would not choose to believe in Christianity. I totally get that! My own husband isn't sure what he believes and it will take a lot more than the status quo to change his mind.

Along those same lines, within the Christian community it seems to be so fragmented, with each church, denomination, tv evangelist, movement, etc...stating the facts as they see fit and claiming it as gospel! I find it challenging at best to work it all out, and I understand why those looking in at the Christian community hold us up to so much ridicule and contempt.

One area of preaching that I find repugnant is the prosperity movement. We prop God up as a sugar daddy who can't wait to hand out goodies to his usually white, prosperous north american worshippers who pray and worship in the proper way instructed from the latest $20-$100 book set that will give you the keys to the kingdom and daddy's purse strings.

If however, you don't get rich, cure yourself of cancer, or fix that failing marriage...well...look no closer than yourself and do some self-analysis to figure out what your inner demons are that hold you back from really connecting with Jesus.
Oh, and don't worry about the poor and dying in other areas of the world...they must be doing something wrong and heck, you can now afford to sponser a child or donate at christmas a shoe box of goodies.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the above mentioned forms of donation, but we need to do more. We have to do more. I think it starts in our churches by saying we don't support sermons about money or that if you only pray more you can heal that cancer...or get off those condescending and judgemental.

When I become overwhelmed with all that I read and hear within the christian community...I stop, pull away and go back to the basics tenet of MY faith. Jesus accepts me as I am right now today...he accepts everyone as they are today when they call out his name, even though I may not agree with it!

I think he welcomes our struggles, our failures, our doubts and anger in figuring out our relationship with Him. Our desire to put in place rules and how to's only complicates what is such a simple, clear message of acceptance and love...though with no guarantees of health, wealth and an easy life.


Heidi said...

Well said, and it needs to be said more. Prosperity teaching is detrimental to the Christian walk.

Love the accompanying painting!

Community is Key said...

Thank you for your honesty!