Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hitting the Road...

I was recently asked by my best friend of 20 years to go on a trip with her to Boston. A very close friend of hers is dying from cancer and she wants me to go along for moral support. When she asked me, I immediately felt I was supposed to go...but I wasn't sure my finances would let me. The reality is, finances will never be right, they never have been for us and it isn't changing anytime soon with four growing kids....long story short, I'm going! I couldn't imagine not being there for her!

So, during the Remembrance Day weekend, I am taking off for two nights three days. We are driving, yes driving...to Boston where she will meet up with her friend to say her painful goodbyes. In between that, we will talk, laugh, cry and drink lots of coffee!

This trip will be as much for me as it is for her... I need to get away and clear my head...hit the open road and in between conversations, I'll let my mind wander and think things through. Maybe I will come home more like myself...more balanced and clear headed...I want the old me back...not that I mind the me now...but I want more of a balance. I have a lot of decisions to make for the coming year...I need to pray more to be sure that I am doing the right thing as I move forward.

It sure is amazing what a difference a year makes...the fall is definitely a time of transition and hope for me...doors open and doors close...whatever the fall brings...I want to enjoy the many blessings in my life and not let things get me down. That is the old me that I miss!


restyled home said...
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Andrew said...

"Life Is A Highway"
Tom Cochrane, a great Canadian.

I'm envious and wish it was me heading for Ottawa like I had planned but things don't always work out. Enjoy your too short trip and maybe next time it will be just you and me. Just make sure you come home, clear head or not.

Love you,