Thursday, June 29, 2006

Church Again....

I found this from another site and it resonates within me...

It usually begins when we become attracted to a particular style of ministry, be it 'fire and brimstone' or 'quiet and subdued'. "Why do they have to yell?", one will ask while another wants them to "speak with authority". While the true Word can come through either expression, we become accustomed to a preferred style. This preference leads us away from the living waters until we become dry and empty. Increasingly dissatisfied we eventually come across an anointed Word in the opposite style. We then embrace this alternate form not realizing it was the life and spirit which touched us so deeply. It is neither the new slant, the clarity of presentation or the force of the message which gives life. The tone or theme of the message is only the container for the spirit and life. When we are distracted by the container we will eventually become susceptible to 'death' simply because it is delivered in the preferred style.

The problem is our distraction with "church"...the container rather than the content.

I want content...I don't really care about the fuss over the container! When you are worshipping God does it matter where you are?

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