Monday, June 19, 2006

Tear Down those Walls

Today a good friend of mine visited me. We don't see each other often as we are both busy mothers and now live in different communities. She appeared on my door with a coffee which is a favourite thing for me!
During our conversation, I was telling her about my mother and her illness and then sharing with her my grief at losing my friend and all the pain and regrets that come attached to a death...let alone a suicide.
During our coffee, we revealed some very private things with one another...we dipped our toe over the line of not revealing to much to one another in the event we would regret it later.
I know we left feeling like we knew and trusted one another better and I have an even deeper respect and love for this friend than I had before! Being real is scary...but today was a wonderful reminder that it can also tear down walls, remove superficial barriors and allow you to be more authentic with one another. That is rare and a true gift from God.

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