Friday, June 23, 2006

June and Graduations...

So many people that I know who have children in public school are watching their kids either graduate from middle school to high school or beyond.
With homeschooling you don't notice these significant milestones because learning is part of our daily routine and is as routine at times as brushing your teeth or eating.

At times, I miss the milestones...the plays, the pageants, musicals, even the dances...but all in all, I have no regrets and the kids up till now love homeschooling.

For me the milestones are measured in moments. I am with them or close enough to hear them talk about issues or interests that I might have missed out on if they were gone all day. Our conversations are relaxed, not rushed...yet time is rushing by.

If and when they choose to go to highschool I will encourage them and support them...but it will be kinda cool to see who they become without the waste of time spent doing busy work when they can be concentrating on discovering who it is they want to be and do.

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