Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ella's First Dance Class

Ella recently started her first dance class. If you know Ella, you know she loves to sing, dance and listen to music or act out scences from her princess movies. So, I was excited for her to start this class.

She had been excited for so long to start but upon arriving she became very shy. She didn't want to leave me and informed me that she wanted to go home. So, I stayed with her and within 10 minutes she had warmed up enough that she decided to "put her shyness away" to join the other girls and dance with them!

It was so much fun to watch my little girl be so free and filled with such joy as she danced and played her way around the room. She would often look for me and wave or call out to me to say hi and being the proud mamma, I couldn't take my eyes or camera of of her.

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