Monday, April 09, 2007

More on Afghanistan

If you go to CBC you can read another good article about Afghanistan. The question....Is the country collapsing?

These are valid questions that demand serious consideration by our governement and military. At the same time...we have a responsibility to ask questions and demand answers...I for one do not want to see Afghanistan returned to the Taliban or any other militant group that represses men, woman and children the way they did.

But, I also don't want to see our troops killed or maimed because our leaders can't get their ass in gear and actually come up with a plan of action. We can't continue to watch money intended for the rebuilding of Afghanistan to be squandered to the rich and powerful. There has to be a way to provide security while rebuilding the country....

But, as the world falls deeper into war mentality we have to take this seriously and not stick our heads in the sand. What that looks like I'm not sure...but I do know that I want to do more....

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