Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Well, I stayed up late, tidying up after the kids, filling more little plastic eggs with candy and then filling their baskets...we even bought a bone for our dog Maggie and treats for Finnigan our cat...while sending up prayers that the cat treat was safe!

We all woke up to a cold, snowy, blustery March...woops April morning! After church we will come home and have pancakes, apple sausages and bacon with homemade baked beans! Then I will hide all those shiny coloured eggs outside in the snow. The kids are excited and it should be lots of fun!

I always remember back in Ireland how each year my parents, my Aunty Jean and Uncle Jimmy and five kids would walk up into Woodburn for a picnic or we would drive to Troopers Lane and have a picnic there and roll eggs down the hill...there was no easter bunny, or hoopla of lining up in stores to buy tons of received a lovely chocolate egg which I would normally receive a week early and it would sit on my dresser calling out to me to break into the back of it and pinch pieces of chocolate before Easter morning.

We never attended church...though I wanted too. My parents avoided all things religious both in Ireland and in Canada. I remember when a Minister came to our home here in Canada. He was a lovely man, his name was Mr. Evans and he used to be a milk man before giving that up to become a Minister. He was big, jolly, gentle spirited man. He asked mum and dad if we ever went to church, of course mum and dad said yes though this was a blatant mis-representation of the facts...and naturally, you can guess who blurted out the! I pipe up, that no we don't go to church, never do....then I was cut off with two piercing glares from embarrassed parents! I knew I was in for it later! We never did get to attend his small country church, but I went to school with his son Darren and would bump into Mr. Evans at different times over the years and kept in touch until he moved away.

Ultimately, Mr. Evans married me and Andy. I had already booked my church at the fanciest, oldest church in the city when I bumped into him and learned he was back in the city and had a church on the East side. I cancelled my fancy church (hey, it was the 80's and Princess Diana had just been married and I wanted that long walk!) for a very small (as in short walk), humble church and was married by a minister whom I loved and felt truly cared for me and Andy.

I remember telling him that in no uncertain terms was I changing my name. He said he had never married anyone yet who hadn't changed their name. I challenged him to show me where in the Bible it states that a woman has to change her name...he promised to check with his Bishops and sure enough, I was right, it wasn't in the Bible and was happy to honour what he thought was an odd request. He never made me feel badly and enjoyed the challenge...though, my concession was playing a really bad irish ballad which was his request! I still remember the pained looks on people's faces...but he enjoyed it!

Well, I've digressed, its late and I have to head to church as we will late as usual. I wanted to share this verse that Shane & Alli sent me yesterday via text arrived when I really needed it!

The Dark Night is Over.
The day start rises again in our hearts
The misdeeds of yesterday are
gloriously transfigured
in the blinding light
of this resurrection morning.

Today is Easter, resurrection morning, the snow has laid a crisp, white layer on this frozen ground. But, underneath, life is breaking thru to rise again into a new season.

Happy Easter!


Heidi said...

I love that picture!!!!

Nice Easter memories you have. I didn't know that about the minister that married you, that was nice to have him do the ceremony.

Hey, I often wish I had kept my maiden name but added Jon's. Oh well.

I got the same text message and replied with an "amen"!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Yeah, he stands out as making our wedding day special.

Don't forget...I changed my name to Andy's for his 10th wedding anniversary gift!

Linda MacDonald CSP(tm) said...

Hi Wen,
How did you get that picture online? I love that pic, I wish I was in it...The day looks so happy.