Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dandelions: Time to throw in the trowel

Dandelions can bring out such passionate responses and actions in what appears to be perfectly normal people! Yet, to a child...they are magical! Particularily, during this time of year when they go to seed. They become these magical white fluffy flowers waiting to be picked by eager hands to blow upon and watch in awe as the cloud of white fluffy seeds sail off into the sunshine!

This is the time of year where ella will pick me dozens before the day is out. Each time I receive her gift I react with feigned surprise and joy! As she gets older...she will stop picking them because she will learn that picking a dandelion means you might pee the bed!

So, why am I sitting here writing about dandelions....well I was reminded of all their possibilites from an article at CBC. This humble or not so humble weed makes avid gardeners sneak into other peoples gardens to snip the heads off the offending plants...others will spray yucky pesticides to kill them....forgetting that kids and animals like to play on the lawn and in turn absorb some of the poisons. Or, maybe when our ground waters finally become affected people might try to change. All over a weed and a desire for fake green perfect lawns!

I personally, have enjoyed plucking dandelions from the root! When I have to be outside with ella or when my boys were little....I would either putter around in my flower beds or pluck dandelions from the roots! You always felt so good when you actually removed one completely intact from the root!

Dandelions have many medicinal uses...and the leaves are great in salads! In fact, half a cup of dandelion leaves has more calcium than one glass of milk...though try telling that to a kid! The article at CBC should remind us all that we all have a responsibility to be gentle on the environment and to relax. Dandelions are invasive...but if you look at all the might actually like least until you mow!


restyled home said...

I remember Auntie Jean telling me that dandelions were among her favorite flowers...she always saw the cup half full.


onelittlemustardseed said...

Yeah, well I will have to tell mum that...she is the one who is sneaking into my yard to snip the tops off!

restyled home said...

Also, I must say, that is an ingenious title to your post!!

onelittlemustardseed said...

I can't take is the CBC can click on it and it will take you to the article.