Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nestlé products to boycott in Canada

These are Nestlé's main brand names. Some of their products have different individual names but most of them fall under these brand categories. The company is constantly buying and selling brands, however, so when in doubt, simply check the product's label. Often, the Nestlé logo will not appear, but usually the Nestlé name can be found in the fine print.

Nescafé, Taster's Choice, Ricore, Ricoffy, Nespresso, Bonka, Zoégas, Loumidis.

Nestlé PURE LIFE, Nestlé Aquarel, Perrier, Evian, Montclair, Vittel, Contrex, S. Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Levissima, Vera, Viladrau, Arrowhead, Poland Spring, Santa Maria, La Vie, Deer Park, Al Manhal, Ozarka, Hepar, Aberfoyle.

Other Beverages:
Nestea, Nesquik, Nescau, Milo, Carnation, Libby's, Caro.

Shelf Stable Dairy Products:
Nestlé, Nido, Nespray, Ninho, Carnation, Milkmaid, La Lechera, Moca, Klim, Gloria, Svelty, Molico, Nestle Omega Plus, Bear Brand, Coffee-mate, LC1, Chmyto La Laitiere, Sveltesse, Yoco.

Breakfast Cereals:
Nestlé, Nestlé Quik.

Infant Foods:
Nestlé (this includes Good Start, SMA, Follow-Up, Follow-Up Soy, Alsoy, Nursoy, Nestlé Baby Cereal), Nan, Lactogen, Beba, Nestogen, Cérélac, Neslac, Nestum, Guigoz.

Performance Nutrition:

HealthCare Nutrition:
Nutren, Peptamen, Modulen.

Culinary Products:
Maggi, Buitoni, Thomy, Winiary.

Frozen Foods:
Maggi, Buitoni, Stouffer's, Hot Pockets.

Ice Cream:
Nestlé, Frisco, Motta, Camy, Savory, Peters, Haagen Dasz, Movenpick.

Refridgerated Products:
Nestlé, Buitoni, Herta, Toll House.

Chocolate, Confectionary, and Biscuits:
Nestlé, Crunch, Cailler, Galak/Milkybar, KitKat, Quality Street, Smarties, Baci, After Eight, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Lion, Aero, Polo, Frutips.

Food Services and Professional Products:
Chef, Davigel, Minor's, Santa Rica.

Pet Care:
Friskies, Fancy Feast, Alpo, Mighty Dog ,Gourmet, Mon Petit, Felix, Purina Dog Chow, Pro Plan, ONE, Beneful, Tidy Cats.

Pharmaceutical Products:
Alcon, Galderma.

L'Oreal, Laboratoires Innéov, Maybelline, Garnier, Lancome, Biotherm, Ralph, Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Guy Laroche, Matrix, Redken.

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restyled home said...

Hey you'd be proud of me!! I was in Pete's Frootique today in Halifax, and had a Walnut Whip in my hand to give you when you come down. Then I noticed it was made by Nestle and promptly put it back!! Hah!
I'm dead serious...I share your principles!!
Love you!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Waaaaw,the walnut whips are by Nestle....waaaaa, no more walnut whips in my future....not that i get many...but now another memory from christmas past is gone...

restyled home said...

You never know, Santa may not have Nestle on the naughty list yet!!