Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day.....

Well, today was Father's Day and as usual we were at church without Andy because he was at work! I know some people would say that maybe today he should have been home...but try raising a family of six plus two pets, mortgage, car payment and three very hungry growing boys and extended family and friends with birthdays and get togethers, you quickly realize that your pay cheque never makes it to the next pay!

When I was a silly 19 year old, I recognized in Andy that he would be a great dad someday! For me, that was a big deal...because the character of a man is often shaped through raising children. I was on the look out, even then, for any signs that he might not have the patience to be a good loving father!

We have had many rough times over the past 20 years, many of our friends know we bicker like Archie Bunker and Archie Bunker...but we love each other deeply and compliment one another as each of us bolsters the other in our craziness! He has always been and always will be my very best friend!

Over the years I have seen him support, nurture, encourage, discipline, laugh with, play with and love his children beyond measure! Our goal is that someday, our kids will look forward to coming home for Sunday won't be something they feel obligated to do but want to do! I believe Andy has nurtured that and continues to do so.

He has given up so many things over the years to pay for things that would allow the kids to play a certain sport, or do a certain thing or for me to stay home and raise them. We both knew that having one income meant carrying debt that has at times worn us down...worn him down with worry....but he seldom complains and considers himself lucky to have a great job with opportunities to work overtime to get ahead of the bills!

So, my husband doesn't have a lot of time for hobbies or persuing his dreams for right now...but he will someday when life slows down. For now, he finds a lot of joy in hanging out with his kids, sometimes cranky wife, really great friends and family!

Happy Father's Day Andy!


restyled home said...

This is a beautiful post and a very loving tribute to Andy...Sure beats those Hallmark cards (except for the funny ones)! You are a great team!!

Linda (Funny thing is, I did a Father's Day post too!!)

onelittlemustardseed said...

You did...I will go read it now!

Andrew said...

Thank you so much Wendy! It mad me cry when I read it. I'll need to try something like this on the next Mother's Day. I love the picture to. Life is a struggle and we do at times let it get us down. I know for myself, I do struggle with life's daily pressures and it does get the best of me at times. Again, thanks so much for the post, it means alot and helps me focus on what really does matter.

Love you a bunch baby.