Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lovely Tuesdays....

Monday was one of those days that crystallized to me how stressed out I am. Things that normally would roll of my back now weigh me down. However, with that said, today was a lovely day!

Shane & Alli dropped by and we had fun sitting around the kitchen table eating up all the left over breakfast food and deserts and drinking tea...well except for Alli, she had some pepsi as she needed caffeine...straight up...she is renovating...enough said! I had been missing them and the ease in which we could all just hang out when they were staying here! I miss the casual chats and laughs we'd have....but I also love how they have such a lovely new home where they are planting their roots for a great life here in Canada~

Then I went directly to my sil's new house to attend a church gathering being hosted next door at Jill's house. Jill was having a "school's out for summer" party and all the kids from church were invited. I have never attended one of these gatherings...mainly because I am such a slacker at remembering things and get frazzled trying to get ou the door.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and very relaxing. When I have those opportunities to just sit and chat with people from our church one on one versus on Sunday when it is so hectic, I am reminded how amazingly beautiful they are as individuals...not that I don't know is one of the things that has kept me attending church...but having the opportunity to just sit in a relaxed setting is so nice. I enjoy their company!

I'm not one to walk up to a group and just start at church I tend to skip coffee break. But, by attending the parties and gatherings you do get time to chat and get to know one another. I also realized that maybe it is important to not keep things to myself...maybe being part of a group of amazing woman and men allows you to share things you think you have to handle yourself. I was raised contrary to that and to keep a stiff upper lip....yet I have no expectations of that for anyone else but myself!

The day ended with another church event (don't I sound churchy) where a lady is raising money to go to Cambodia for one week. It was to be a night of music, food and a silent auction. Well, I am hoping I might have won one item from an amazing wood carver Edwin Russo who attends our church. I actually purchased one of his tall wood carvings of a woman carved out of a log many years ago now.... She has been a source of pleasure for me for the last five years! This photo shows you her amazing face. She greets you when you come to my front door!

The music was great except for the first lady. It isn't that she wasn't good...she was...but my niece Kristen had tagged along with me after I had told her she would like the music and that it would be fairly hip and young...well, this woman started off with this solemn song of the lord's prayer A-cappella. Ella my four year old, started giggling and then I find myself laughing inwardly and it only gets worse because the room was so quiet and I kept trying to distract ella and myself with her styrofoam cup. I carved pictures using my nail but everytime I looked up I could see certain people in our church with this funny look on their faces and I just knew they found it different from what we are accustomed to....I was so embarrassed, but I had to leave with ella! I wasn't sure what she was going to say next and I knew I was about to burst out loud laughing! I think after this past week, I kinda had a laughing breakdown!

So, just a ramble about my day and a reminder that every day is a new day filled with many opportunities for laughter and friendship.


restyled home said...

Inappropriate humour...that is what I call it...I get it a lot and at the worst times...I got it recently at Sophie's piano recital. A young girl (I told you it was inappropriate) was singing this song, and she sounded just like (spelling it like it sounds!) Shmeigal(?!?!?) from Lord of the Rings. That was a tough one, because I was literally shaking trying to contain my laughter. I would have looked like a complete ass laughing at a poor child...but that is what it is...inappropriate humour...and I get it a lot!!

Glad you had a nice day!!


Jill said...

I'm so glad to have your family as our new neighbors, the least of which is because I'll see you more often!