Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ella believes...

Ella had a dream recently that she had climbed into the television with Aladdin and Jasmine and flew around on the magic carpet and was living in their world.

So, this morning, she comes downstairs with her two dolls in hand and tells me to turn on her Aladdin movie so that she can climb inside the tv and join them! I explain to her that she can't because it was a dream she had. She informs me very matter of factly that God will let her do it and I don't need to worry. She will climb back when she is done having fun!

I'm scrambling to explain to her that no...God wouldn't want her to do that...that is why he gives us beautiful magical dreams like hers, so that she can explore places that normally we can't visit in the daytime. But, she informed me once again that our house is magical and God will allow her to do this...

I finally had to tell her that mummy didn't want her going and God would not let her since I would miss her. Anyone have any better suggestions??


restyled home said...

Make her watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and see what happens to Mike Teevee...that oughta do it!!!!

kidding of need to traumatize her!!

That's a tough one, but I'm pretty sure she'll figure it out on her own...just tell her God didn't give her magical powers, and she'd nee those to do that!!


Lady P said...

This is one of those truly adorable moments you need to write down somewhere; when she is older she will treasure that you kept memories like this for her. This reminds me of the time that Kristen put on her fancy dress and started twirling at the top of a flight of stairs. When I asked what she was doing she replied that she was going to float down the stairs, just like Mary Poppins!!! After grabbing her in a panic attack we did have to talk and I let her jump from 2 steps so she could experience "free-fall gravity".

Honesty is the best policy; simply that dreams can seem so utterly real. Yet it just isn't possible to climb into the tv just yet & join a "show in progress!"

Mer said...

I might let her try to climb into the TV. When she fails, then you can go again through the "what happens in dreams doesn't happen in reality" talk.

But I'm not a parent - so take my ideas lightly. :0)