Friday, February 29, 2008

Spiritual Truth

Humans see what they expect to see. People see what they want to see and are educated to see. Unless a person makes the effort to be discerning, to think consciously about other aspects of what he is looking at, it is likely that he will not see.

Christians must consciously process the truths that they receive from God as they are involved in the circumstances of their walk with Christ. We might be walking with Christ, and He is there walking beside us, but we do not see Him. This can happen if we fail to identify the circumstances that we are experiencing in our lives with Him. The spiritual, not perceived with the five senses, is often overlooked!

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Yes, I agree our God-consciousness allows us to be sensitive to the needs of others rather than ourselves.

I was in an AA meeting the other day when someone shared about the cruelties he now witnesses in the world now that he is sober.

I tried to reflect on the difference sobriety had on me the first few months...what I can remember most is laughter and tears at the same time.

I also noticed that I watched for people hurting even though I couldn't provide the support they needed.

One day I drove around my brother's town and watched people, especially their faces. I wished for brighter days for all of us. Sometimes the hope all will be well one day is enough.