Saturday, February 23, 2008

Made in China...sold at Walmart

You should read this is a good reminder that we all need to think twice before we purchase items that are dirt cheap and made in China. Especially as we head into summer...flip flops are a favourite for many and who would think they could be a health issue...what about the people who have to make these items...


restyled home said...

Oh my goodness!! What a nightmare! I have bought flip flops at the Dollar Store before so this is very scary! Is the problem limited to "cheap" (in cost) flip flops...? I would think not, as they come from the same place and the price usually reflects the place you bought them (i.e. Gap vs Dollar Store/Walmart). Scary stuff, indeed!!

Lady P said...

Well, isn't that interesting and frightening? What is particularily disturbing is Walmart's reaction to this lady - she even has pictures showing what the flip-flops did! Her request was not out of the park either; I would not want to have problems like hers and imagine a CHILD suffering?

I would have this woman take her flip-flops to an university and have them sample them for toxins, chemicals, etc, to help her case.

I may have purchased a pair like these flip-flops and shame on Walmart for ignoring her!!