Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jon Stewart on CNNs Crossfire

This is from almost four years ago but is still relevant today..and funny!

People need to question what slant their favourite news show is promoting...


restyled home said...

I loved this!! Wouldn't you love to sit down with him and talk about all kinds of issues?? That's where the preachy types fail miserably: inject some humour into your message and people sit up and listen!

Did I ever tell you that I find funny, sarcastic, intelligent men very attractive??

Lady P said...

Jon Stewart merely shows us what these shows are about; everyone talking, no one listening....and lots of arguing. Usually 2 people are invited to talk; these 2 have opposing views and you know they would never compromise or come to any agreement. If you notice these 2 hosts did not spend any time listening to Jon, they were busy extolling their opinions!

restyled home said...

Come on...give me some more fat to chew! I love coming here and seeing the deeper side of life!!